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Massage and TENS Therapy

When pets deal with pain and injury, it’s important to do everything we can to help them. At Elk Rapids Animal Hospital, we use our rehabilitation center to provide pain relief and healing therapy for dogs and cats. Massage and TENS therapy can be an excellent way to soothe and comfort a pet who is suffering from arthritis or muscle pain. Our team of professionals will work to develop a nerve stimulation treatment that fits the exact needs of the patient.

Can Your Pet Benefit From Nerve Stimulation and Massage Therapy?

Dogs, cats and a variety of other animals can benefit from massage therapy. This treatment is designed to reduce pain and inflammation in patients through targeting specific pain points on the body. With the help of our professionals, it can be a comfortable and relaxing experience for your pet. We may use massage therapy in combination with TENS nerve stimulation to treat:

  • Nerve damage
  • Arthritis due to aging
  • Muscle conditions
  • Tendon inflammation
  • Chronic back or pelvic pain

If your dog or cat has any of these conditions, massage therapy for pets can help break down scar tissue, heal damaged tissue, relieve muscle spasms and calm nerves.

Dog Getting TENS

How Does TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Work?

Therapeutic massages involve a physical examination and procedure in which the physician locates major pain points on the patient’s body and provides relief in those areas. It can be a reliable source of pain relief for patients in combination with or as a substitute for medications.

Pet massage therapy may also include transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), which involves the use of electrical currents to lower pain levels. TENS units are battery-operated devices that come with electrodes that are placed on the skin to send electrical impulses through the body. When the electrodes are placed on pain points, the impulses can help stimulate nerves and soothe the specific areas.

How Elk Rapids Delivers Treatment to Patients

Our certified veterinarians in Elk Rapids work with patients who suffer from all types of joint and muscle-related conditions. We tailor our treatments to fit the needs of the patient, starting with a wellness exam when they first visit our rehabilitation center. This helps us identify important trigger points to focus on during the massage or TENS therapy session. 

Once we identify the patient’s needs, we can work on making the therapy as comfortable as possible. In a TENS therapy session, we use our TENS unit and place electrodes on the patient’s trigger points. The patient may feel a small twitching or tapping sensation. 

Massage sessions can last up to one hour if the patient continues to feel relaxed. While massage is typically done without the pet owner present, we will guide clients into starting their own massage sessions at home so they can support their pet and learn more about the process.

Pet massage and TENS in Elk Rapids, MI

Elk Rapids Animal Hospital uses TENS treatment and massage therapy to provide dogs and cats with the relief they need. We develop pre- and post-surgery rehab plans for pets of all shapes and sizes, so you can get a referral or reach out at any time. You can trust our pet massage therapist at Elk Rapids Animal Hospital to provide the best care for your pet.

If you’re interested in learning more about the pet massage therapy in Elk Rapids we offer at our rehabilitation center, submit our contact form or call us at 231-264-6700 today.