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  • Why should I spay or neuter my puppy, and when should it be done?
  • Puppy Visit Schedule
  • When does my new puppy need to be seen by a veterinarian?
  • When do you switch from puppy foods to adult food?


  • When does my new kitten need to be seen by a veterinarian?
  • When do you switch from kitten foods to adult food?
  • Should I declaw my kitten?
  • Why should I spay or neuter my kitten, and when should it be done?
  • Kitten Visit Schedule

Adult Dog

  • Can dogs see colors?
  • How do dogs get heartworms?
  • Why is chocolate bad for dogs? What other household items can cause toxicity?
  • Why do dogs need annual physical examinations with their vaccinations?
  • What should I vaccinate my dog against?
  • My dog has terrible anxiety when I leave the house, what should I do?
  • My dog is eating grass, is this bad?

Adult Cat

  • Why do I need to vaccinate my indoor cat?
  • Why does my cat need an annual exam? He seems fine!
  • Should my cat be on heartworm preventative?
  • Can cats see colors?
  • Rules for Keeping Cats Litterbox Happy
  • How old is my cat in human years?


  • What is a microchip?
  • Will my “GPS” track my microchipped animal?
  • How is a microchip implanted? Does it require surgery or anesthesia?
  • How does a microchip help reunite a lost animal with its owner?


  • My pet is having surgery tomorrow… What do I need to do?
  • When do I spay or neuter my pet?


  • Food Hazards
  • Poisonous Plants


  • My animal is in pain, can I give her something from my medicine cabinet?


  • How do I deal with fleas in my house?
  • How to handle a flea emergency!